Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello to all of my followers!
I haven't posted in awhile, and that's because my twin sister,
of (Living Today but Dreaming of Tomorrow),
and I have started a collaborative lifestyle blog called BKC2!

Please follow us through Bloglovin', via our email subscription, or add us to your Google Reader!
Head over to the site for more information & share your thoughts!
Visit our site at
& follow us on Twitter @bkcsquared!

See you there for all of your fashion, design, food, music, and inspirational needs!

Friday, March 9, 2012

it's been awhile...

Wow, it sure has been awhile since my last post.
School, work, and my internship has been absolutely crazy!

I promise personal posts and inspiration posts will be coming more frequently 
now that I'm back in the hang of everything!

In the mean time, here are some pictures of things that have happened 
since my last post over the holiday season to catch you all up on my semi-interesting life.
1. Brought Brooke home from study abroad by spending Christmas & New Years in Florence and Venice, Italy with the fam!
2. Rooftop parties with my best friends.
3. Four Peaks Brewery adventures.
4. Wine bar outings with co-workers.
5. Waste Management Phoenix Open with Nick!
6 & 7. Vegas with the bests.

How have all of you been?? I've missed you!


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