Wednesday, October 27, 2010

october festivities!

Me & Brookie as little tykes
Halloween is fast approaching, and we're all working really hard to put together our last minute costumes.  Instead of getting frustrated trying to find drivers for all of the halloween parties this weekend, we decided to just have a Halloween party of our own!

Last year, we had an AMAZING Halloween, so we're hoping for just as good of a weekend this year.  
me, paige, & brookie as ninja turtles :)
Do you all have any ideas for cheap & fun decorations, drinks, and treats for our gathering??

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just remodeled my blog a little bit.  
I changed the header and the background to try and get a more sophisticated look.  

Do you like it??

On another note, I agree with all of these:
I love weheartit

Saturday, October 23, 2010

things are never as bad as they seem

Brooke and I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but luckily we have good friends to help ease the pain.  Retail therapy was definitely put into effect :)  We went to Forever 21with Olivia & Paige, and I got these lovely new heels, new earrings, and new nail polish!  

Next on the agenda was to get ready for Kristen's Last Night in Arizona dinner.  Paige, Brooke, and I were so excited to be invited.  We got there and her amazing home was filled with her best friends, yummy food, and delicious wine.  Even though they didn't know it, Kristen and her best friend Whitney inspired us.  They are such great friends to each other even though they are different, they are both incredibly classy and sophisticated.  On the drive home, we were talking about how we are going to strive to be like them.  They give amazing advice, speak with purpose, and have an amazing support system of great friends and family.  
So thank you, Kristen, for inviting us last night. We felt so privileged to be there with you on your last night in Arizona before going off to Omaha again for law school.  We had an amazing time that I'm having trouble putting into words.  I hope you read this :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sweet tooth

I rarely get a sweet tooth, but there's something about the 
cool weather today that makes me want to chow down 
on as many decadent desserts as possible.  
I searched the freezer for some of my favorite Ben & Jerry's...
but I found nothing.  
So, naturally, I went to we heart it and found some delicious pictures. Enjoy <3
And, to make your day (or night) even sweeter, 
here are a few more tips on:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sex & the city

This has been a stressful weekend with school work, real work, & everything in between.  On top of that, I was mad at the boyfriend, so he came over yesterday after he was done with work.  Since he was in the wrong during this argument, I decided that I would make him suffer through watching Sex and the City with me!! <3
He was a pretty good sport about it, but I absolutely enjoyed it.  The movie made me really want to go here:
MEXICO!!! too bad it's so dangerous right now... reminded me of the sequel when Sarah Jessica Parker wore a plain white dress and spiced it up with absolutely gorgeous gold sequin heels. 

 I definitely need to find a pair of perfect heels like this to add some glitz, fun, and class to any outfit. :)
If you know anywhere that's selling them for not too much $$$, 
comment & let me know!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

every end is a new beginning

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

let's go

Ahhh this week is just filled with homework and work! 
Papers, projects, exams....
A week from today I'll be free.  
Three of my classes were only 7-8 weeks long, 
so that means I'll only have three left for the rest of the semester. 
Thank goodness!
That means that I can concentrate my energy on working out, 
laying out (since it is still 95 degrees in Arizona), 
and doing the things that I want to do--not what school makes me do.
I'm about due for another California trip with Brookie and maybe Paige & Olivia!
Whether it's California or somewhere even more exciting, 
I just want to pack my bags and go.

Friday, October 8, 2010

it's (almost) the holiday season

It's almost the holiday season & I'm so excited!  Even though Arizona doesn't really get to experience fall, the weather has been amazing this week.  There are so many things to look forward to over the next few months :)
I took this in New Zealand :) Our summer, their fall.
cooler weather means hot coffee drinks & chai tea
s'mores by the fireplace
thanksgiving & christmas
christmas lights
getting lost in blankets
a trip to the snow (maybeee)
&& spending time with loved ones

Everyone's been posting about fall and leaves changing, and it's not just because everyone's excited about pumpkin spice lattes being back at Starbucks.  There's something special about the change from summer to winter.  In Arizona, it's finally having that breath of fresh air.  Driving with the windows down and the music up.  I've got to go get some nice sweaters & pants for this new weather that will be setting in any moment now.  I can't wait :) 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

do something good

We've all heard about it, seen the movie Taken, but have you ever done anything to stop it?  
I'm working on my homework right now, and for my Communication 430 class, we're researching different companies and their leadership abilities.  I came across The Body Shop's values and campaigns and learned about this one.  
Read some of the facts below, and sign the petition HERE
Click to make it bigger :)
24,210 people have signed it in the United States already, including me.  
Add to that number.  
It only takes two seconds and can save the lives of 1.2 million.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

bad days

I had a really bad day yesterday.  I didn't know why, but I just wasn't the happiest person in the world.  To make matters worse, I rear-ended someone yesterday.  They were totally cool about it until five hours later when they started texting me immaturely.  Anyways, I've definitely had better days than the one I had yesterday.  I realized today that I wasted one of my days.  All the time I spent crying and being too hard on myself, I could have spent doing other wonderful things.  

My brother's roommate, Alex, put a video about positive energy on Facebook quite a few months ago.  I really believe it too.  In order for good things to come, you cannot dwell or expect bad things to happen to you.


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