Sunday, April 24, 2011

day at the zoo

Yesterday was a perfect day.
My friend Chanel was in town from LA,
so we all decided to go to the zoo!
We saw all the adorable animals & even got up close and personal 
with my favorite animal--the giraffe.
We finished the day off with Chipotle,
and even though I got called in to work that night,
it was an incredible day.
Chanel & me with our favorite donkey friend, Pedro
Chanel & Brooke at the petting zoo
What are your favorite animals??


  1. yummm chipotle <3

    I love giraffes too! Last weekend I bought this little african purse made out of leather that has giraffes carved into it. Awesome goodwill bargain!

    Wanna trade buttons?

  2. The pic of you in the shell is adorable!

  3. The animals are so cute, especially the gentle giraffes!!

    It must have been an awesome day, I know I would have loved it. :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. I've always wanted to feed a giraffe! this is on my imaginary bucket list!



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