Sunday, October 23, 2011

an enchanted evening

Last night, I had the privilege of attending Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour
with mom in Glendale for her second night & second sold out performance of the weekend!
I had heard she put on a great show,
but it was absolutely amazing.
She sang beautifully--just as great as on her album, and was so appreciative of her audience.
She even went to the back of the arena to perform for those who didn't have the best seats in the house.
And in order to do this, she had to come down through the aisles,
and since we were the first row on the side (mom won amazing tickets from KNIX),
mom even got to touch her arm!!
I was too shy, as usual, but seeing her two feet away was pretty incredible.
She's such a beautiful, talented, and sincere human being.

Here are some photos of the show...but nothing does it justice.
And, not to disappoint...she had a special guest at our show!!
Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World & Taylor sang The Middle.
Loved every minute of the show...even the warm up band NEEDTOBREATHE was amazing!
Kind of like a Kings of Leon type of sound!
Loved it.

Who went to her tour around other parts of the country & what did you think??


  1. I've never been to a Taylor Swift concert, but I definitely want to go to one. I love her and her music is so real!! :)

  2. two reasons you're lucky:

    you got to spend time with mom and go to a concert where we actually know ALL of the words.

    you're wearing shorts. i'm under a down comforter wearing long sleeves, pants, & slippers and i'm still freezing



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