Friday, November 11, 2011

a beautiful boudoir

I've had the same bedroom furniture for three years, which doesn't seem like a long time.
Yet, three years, three different houses, and one bedroom set can get kind of boring.
Starting next year, I'm starting my life as not a student but a grown up,
without a serving job and hopefully with a big girl job.
It's time to start fantasizing about gorgeous bedrooms to get ready for work in, read books before bed in, and do grown up things like that in. 
No more leaving clothes all over the floor, never taking out the desk trash can,
and having textbooks and pieces of loose leaf paper floating everywhere you look.
A girl can dream :)
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  1. all of these bedrooms are absolutely beautiful! i especially love the cabin-y looking one :)


  2. I feel ya! I can't wait to have a big girl house and bedroom :)

    I just stumbled across your blog. So pretty! Check out mine when you get a chance!




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