Monday, June 28, 2010

defying the odds

Some of you may have heard of Ashley Hegi. She was a girl who lived a great life, but she had to deal with more criticism, bullying, and hardships than anyone that I have ever known. I just found out about this girl a couple of months ago when I was looking online with Brookie. She died shortly after this video was made, but I feel like watching this video can change the lives of everyone. 

It seems like it is an automatic reflex to stare or say something about someone with a strong disability, but after watching this video, I know that I am going to try and just see someone who may look different or even scary as a normal person. Because inside, that is exactly what they are. These people did not choose to look the way they do or have the disease that they do. They were born with it just as easily as anyone of us could have been born with it. 

So please, watch this video so that you may no longer look at people that may look different as being different. A lot of these people are better people than I could ever be.
R.I.P. Ashley Hegi

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  1. this little girl is such an inspiration. i remember crying on my bed when we were watching this one day :( RIP



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