Monday, July 5, 2010

don’t take life for granted

As human beings we are blessed with the knowledge of our fates.  We know that one day, we will die.  This can be thought of as a curse if you fear death, but really, knowing that one day our life will end is a blessing.  If we thought that we had no purpose, then we would not do as much with the life we have.  We need to fill our lives with happiness because we don’t know when it is going to be taken from us.

A girl I used to go to school with just lost someone that she loved.  He died at a very young age, just one year older than me.  She admits that she took him for granted and said things that she shouldn’t have because she thought that he would live for many years to come.  Now she regrets the things she said and the acts she committed.  She couldn’t have known that the horrible day would come where her past love had his life violently ended, but I’m sure that she wishes she had gotten to spend more time with him and could have taken back whatever she said that she so deeply regrets.  

I came across this quote the other day, and I think that it puts a lot of things in perspective.  
No matter how much someone you love may make you upset, you only get upset because you value that person.  
Instead of fighting and bickering, we all need to leave our differences as differences and try to live in harmony and love because we rarely get a chance to say goodbye.

“Things happen too fast, so be kind to everyone. 
Treat friends and family as if you will never get to hear their voices or see them again.  
Life is so valuable and is easily taken from us when we least expect it. 
Live every day as if it’s your last. 
You never know when your last breath will be.”

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  1. i love that quote. and this one by you: "because we rarely get a chance to say goodbye."



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