Sunday, January 16, 2011

city of angels

As the semester gets ready to begin,
I'm already anticipating the end of it & getting into summer!
The plan is:
move to LA for the summer months and stay with Olivia!!
work at an internship a couple days a week :)
relax by the pool and ocean
celebrate my 21st
enjoy everything about life
me & livvies in LA by a huge forever XXI
I really hope my summer dreams can come true,
and to inspire me to apply to as many places as possible for internships,
here are some lovely LA-inspired photographs:
via weheartit
If anyone knows of any cool PR companies or boutiques in the LA area,
please let me know!
I would love to research the company 
and see if they're interested in having a summer intern :)
Thank you lovelies!


  1. hey girlie! i'm so excited to see what summer brings you :) you will do such amazing things!

    i hope your time in hawaii was wonderful :) shoot me an email and let me know if you still want to do that photo project with me! i haven't had much time to design the blog part yet, but i will do that soon!

    hope you are having a wonderful monday!


  2. Hi my love,

    I have some great PR firms that my friends from LA all work at, I'll send some emails to them and let you know what I come up with! Maybe some possible internship possibilies! xx Miss you tons!



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