Tuesday, March 29, 2011

march madness

As March is coming to a close,
I've realized what a busy month it's been.
Midterms, spring break, work, and more school...
On Sunday after work,
Brooke, Paige, and I took a break for some delicious mexican food
at Chronic Taco/Cantina <33
Their tortas are AMAZING.
And, as masters of taking breaks from homework,
Brooke and I attended our mom & dad's 26th wedding anniversary dinner.
It was at Roy's & was so beautiful & delicious.
My dad surprised my mom on where we were going to dinner...
my mom absolutely loved it 
when they were in Hawaii ten years ago and ate at Roy's,
so dad recreated the experience in our hometown.
So cute!! :)

I've become addicted to Twitter over the past couple of days...
so please, follow me (if you have one)!! <33 
I love how there's always information flowing at every hour of the day.
It's my new obsession for sure.


  1. I love that you are a twin!! My fiance is too!! Hoping for beautiful twin babies in the future<3

  2. chronic taco? roys? where were you?! it sounds like socal to me! :)

    also: i didn't know you had a twitter. this is exciting. going to friend? add? stalk? you right now.

  3. I love Roys! Delicious Hawaiian cuisine. I am following you on Twitter now :)



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