Sunday, March 13, 2011

weekend recap

I've been so busy lately,
but it's finally spring break!!
My weekend was a lot of fun mixed with a lot of work,
and I'll be working up until I leave for vacation on Thursday :)

Last Thursday, Nick and I had a nice date for our 11 month-er.
We went to Bandaras, which is our favorite restaurant,
and then I got to try Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale.
Everything was so much fun && delicious.
yummy Bandara & Sugar Bowl
On Friday,
Brooke and I went to our first spring training game!
We've lived in Arizona our whole lives, 
and until last year,
we had no idea how big of a deal spring training was.
So...we finally experienced it with the Oakland A's & LA Dodgers!
&& we finally got to try SubZero Ice Cream! :)
After the game, I watched While You Were Sleeping with the girls, 
went to Nick's, saw a UFO!
woke up on Saturday morning, ate a delicious breakfast, worked some more, and slept.
Which leads us to today...
Brooke and I worked all day
so now it's time to relax & watch Never Let Me Go
before waking up tomorrow and doing it all over again! top off this weekend with a mix of fun & responsibilities,
we've gotten to come home to this cute puppy!!
Lacey is only being baby-sat by us until tomorrow,
so we're really going to miss her, 
but she's been a fun addition to our weekend!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend,
&& wishing you an amazing work week!!


  1. i love you even more now that i know you are a dodger fan too! :) so jealous you got to go to a spring training game. that is definitely on my bucket list! looks like you had a great weekend!!

  2. So fun, looks like you has such a good time!!

  3. Fun weekend! A vacation sounds wonderful. Enjoy! xoxo

  4. Great post! :)
    ciao ciao from Rome



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