Friday, August 26, 2011

goodbye L.A., hello Arizona

It's been about two weeks since Brooke and I moved back to Arizona from our amazing summer in LA.
We had so many great experiences, and even though it cut our bank accounts pretty deeply--
leaving our jobs for unpaid internships & paying triple our usual rent in West Hollywood,
we don't regret any of it.
I think what I'll miss most about LA is the diversity, the many amazing restaurants, the winding roads,
cool breezes, the radio stations, and also my internship.
I absolutely loved working as a Fashion PR intern at Bollare.
They are constantly growing and getting more clients,
but a few of the ones below are some of my favorite pieces from the showroom.
Kim Kardashian in Ani Lee's Josie Dress (via)
Jewel Mint
Mink Pink (via)
Even though I'm no longer a part of the team, I still recognize the brands whenever I see them
on television, on the red carpet, or in magazines.

Now that I'm back in Arizona,
I'm working at Oregano's Pizza Bistro again and 
beginning my new internship as a marketing & production intern at Arizona Weddings Magazine!
I've always wanted to intern at a magazine, so I can't wait to start on September 7th!


  1. Ah West Hollywood is such a fun place to live :) I think it's awesome that you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried living in a totally new place :)


  2. Love your blog! Looking forward to more!



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