Tuesday, August 2, 2011

staycation recap

I just got back from my first "big girl" vacation/staycation.
I got to spend five lovely nights (and six amazing days) with my boyfriend, Nick, 
in Manhattan Beach and San Diego.
I now have two weeks left in beautiful California until I go back to Arizona to finish school,
so Nick came over for one last visit during his birthday week before we're reunited in sunny Arizona.
I didn't take many pictures because as you can see, my hair was out of control.
I left the hair straightener & brush with Brooke since she still had to go to work and stuff,
so all I brought was a comb and a curling iron.
Guess what??
I left those at the first hotel, so I didn't have anything to groom myself with for the majority of the trip.
So that was fun...and the reason for the lack of pictures.
Also, as I have mentioned before, we lost our camera on our birthday and again 2 weeks later in Vegas.
All photos are therefore courtesy of the handy dandy iPhone.
The trip was filled with relaxation, delicious food, beach days even in the clouds,
and just spending quality time together & enjoying our vacation.
Our first hotel in Manhattan Beach was great.
Everyday they had a different flavor of water in the lobby, movies to rent, 
and complimentary beach cruisers to head down to the beach--which was only a quick little bike ride.
I got my first bee sting on the beach in La Jolla!
It definitely wasn't fun and the little monster just snuck up on me.
I thought a fly was on my finger while I was laying out and I shook it off
and saw that the bee was attached to my finger!
That was the only downfall of the trip, 
but at least it's nice to know that I'm not allergic!
So much gum on this light post in SD (I flipped the picture horizontally)
We sampled a lot of different cuisines on our trip,
mostly sticking to my favorite, Mexican, but also threw in my second favorite: indian food.
Since we stayed in Little Italy when we went to San Diego,
on Friday night, we had the most delicious Italian meal at Mimmo's Italian Village.
We got the patio table on a perfect night, had a man playing accordian right in front of us, 
had the best pasta I've had in awhile, and shared a delicious bottle of my favorite kind of wine.
I'm so sad it's over, but I had the best time and I know we have many more vacations to come!

Also thank you so much to Kelsey of "Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist."
I e-mailed her for San Diego restaurant/bar recommendations a couple of weeks before the trip,
and although we didn't get to try a lot of them, she is an expert in all things SD.
If you don't follow her blog already, I suggest you check it out!


  1. thanks for the shout out lady!! so glad you enjoyed SD <3

  2. What a fun staycation! I do that often here as well! The last one was to the Viceroy in Santa Monica for the weekend. It's so nice to explore your area!

  3. Isn't Little Italy awesome on a Friday night? :)

    I've also been stung by a bee at the beach.. except I was 2 years old and don't remember it. ;)

    Cute blog you have here, I'm your newest follower




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