Thursday, August 26, 2010

eating alone

I'm twenty years old, and I've never eaten alone.  Until tonight.  I've always been one of those people that won't go out to eat (or even eat in the school food court) if I don't have an eating buddy with me.  I watched an inspiring video a couple weeks ago that was posted on a blog that I follow on how being alone isn't a bad thing.  So, today I decided to try it.

The timing was perfect.  Nick was at work, Paige was at school, Brooke had left on a date, and Olivia was still at work.  The old me would have called whoever I could think of to come out to eat with me, or the old me would have stayed home and figured out some mess to throw together for dinner.  Tonight, though, I knew that I wanted to go to Green, so I went to Green. I ordered myself an appetizer and a meal and enjoyed it in solitude.  

It was rough at first when the guy who worked there thought that I was picking up take-out, and then asked me again if my food was here or to-go.  I politely said "for here" and sat at my own little table.  I was afraid that I was going to be "one of those people" that I've sat at Oregano's who want their own table just for themselves, rather than sitting at the bar with the rest of the lonely people.  I realized that they do deserve a table, though, if that's the kind of experience they want to have.  

I had a really nice time, and now that I've done it, I won't be afraid to do it again.  

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  1. This is awesome and I actually want to try this myself! I want to try going to a movie by myself too...haha. Thanks for the inspiration. :)



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