Wednesday, August 11, 2010

pizza challenge

Okay so yesterday was the day that El Casa Trio has been waiting for all summer.  We finally did the Venezia's Pizza Challenge.  Basically, you go to the store and you have to eat a 24" party size pizza in under an hour with just one other person.  We decided to make an event of it, so we had three teams that actually were committed to the challenge.  Joel & Dave, Paige & me, and Brooke & Pat.  

Our pictures on the wall :)
It was awful.  The pizza started getting cold and we had a hard time finishing (not because we felt full but because the hardness of the cheese was disgusting).  After 50 minutes though, Paige and I completed the challenge!!  Brooke and Pat finished in 59 minutes, and Joel and Dave somehow finished in 26 minutes.  It's taken about 24 hours to recover, but we're all glad that we survived our first (and probably ONLY) eating contest haha.  

We got our pictures taken to display on the wall, and we got free T-shirts!!  Oh....and Paige & I were the first girl/girl team to ever complete the pizza challenge :)


  1. ahaha that sounds really fun actually! Congrats! There's a burger joint in my city that offers the same deal except its, finish a whole pound (yes a pound) weight hamburger, and you get a picture posted up and i think your next meal is free. I don't think I'm brave enough to do it on my own, but maybe if I go with a larger group, we'll all pool in and try to finish it!

  2. Haha it was so gross, but so fun. I love your description Kel. Good job! Love you



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