Friday, February 18, 2011

cloudy weekend

This weekend is going to be one of those cloudy weekends
since Arizona decided to take a break from 75 & sunny.
Two of my best friends, Brookie & Olivia,
are probably landing in California right about now.
I took them to the airport this morning.
Why couldn't I go??
I have to be responsible this weekend.
I have too much on my plate with projects, my internship,
and work.
So...this is what my weekend is looking like so far!
To top it all off...everyone has been getting sick!!
My throat's kinda scratchy today, but I'm praying for it to just be allergies.
Just in case, I've been taking one Emergen-C (pictured above)
every morning and every night.
I take it at the first sign of a cold & it's worked for me every time!

If you're reading this...have fun in California, little senseis! 
&& tell everyone in the valley hello from me :)


  1. Oh, unfair! Hope you get loads of work done so you can be nice and smug when your friends get back! Happy weekend x

  2. Aw, well I hope you have a little fun over the weekend as well!!

  3. Awww kelll! we love you all the way from cali and back! we wish you were here. We will definitely tell everyone you say hello. I know you will get a lot done when we are away for the weekend miss productive and we will see you when we get back :) love you tonnsss <3

  4. I'm new to your blog, but I'm also in AZ and OHMYGOSH, yes, is everyone sick or what!? It's crazy!



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