Monday, February 28, 2011

sending you kisses on your way

I am so proud of my sister Brooke.
I don't want to spoil the surprise, but hop on over to her blog
because I'm sure she'll be sharing her good news with the blog world soon :)
And even if it takes awhile, follow her blog anyways.
It's one of my faves...even if I am a little biased :)
I love you Brookie.
I took this picture last night, which is really strange 
because it's almost like I'm blowing you kisses and sending you away on your journey :)'s to the good times that we'll have this summer
& the fabulous times we'll have to share over Skype.


  1. congrats to your sis!!! Can you guys make some buttons for your blog already?? :)

  2. yayyyy thank you kelky!!! i can't wait for LA this summer, my going away party, you coming to visit, renting vespas when you do come, going to Paris and where ever your little heart desires <3 xoxoxo

  3. Warm congratulations to your sister. I find her blog most delightful. Have a sweet Wednesday;-)



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