Saturday, February 26, 2011

just be happy that you're free

I was reading old copies of the Wall Street Journal today 
and I came across an article that really stood out to me 
&& made me extremely thankful to be born in a free country.  
A couple of days before Valentine's Day, 
the WSJ reported that the Iranian regime had banned Valentine's day.  
Not only did they ban hearts and red roses, 
but I guess they've always been against 
unauthorized mingling of the sexes, rock n roll music, 
bright colored nail polish, and foreign cuisine.  
This is CRAZY to me.  
I love that our country allows and even encourages foreign cuisine, 
bright colored nails and fashion, and above all of that...
even just love and romance.  
With 70% of Iran's population being under the age of 30, 
I cannot imagine their frustration and urge to rebel.   
images found via weheartit
So take some time today to be thankful for being born
in whatever country you're from.
Whatever disagreements you may have with the government,
let that go
just be happy that you're free to be an individual.


  1. Thank you for this post reminding us that not everyone is as blessed as us who live in the usa. Sometimes it's easy to forget how other people live.

  2. wow... i hadn't heard about that. it is so sad and disturbing that there would be bans on such a wonderful day that celebrates love and positive relationships. and yes, thank you for reminding me how blessed i am to be an educated woman born free in the USA.



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