Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[dreaming of] mexico

I've been to Mexico twice...
but I can't really count either of those as an amazing Mexico experience.
Once was as a stop on a cruise when I was eight,
and the other was freshman year of college with my friend's fraternity.

Brooke got to go on a fun Mexico cruise for our best friend's brother's wedding,
but there was only room for one, so I was left out of the jet skiing, parties, & street tacos.
Ever since I saw one of Bloomspot's travel deals for a $100 all-inclusive 3-night
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico stay for two, I've been dying to just plan it and go.
Too bad the plane ticket's the heftiest part of the price...
But, a girl can dream :)
Images via (12345)

Also, everyone really should check out Bloomspot!
It's just like Groupon & Living Social, but having all three will give you more deal options!


  1. I'm FROM Mexico but I haven't been back over there in years. Those pictures just made me nostalgic for that festive and warm culture I left behind. Ahhh the memories! I hope you and I find our way over there soon, I'm sure you'll have so many wonderful adventures and experiences when you do visit.

  2. I love Mexico! Cabo is my favorite. Did you know that if you fly out of Tijuana its a lot CHEAPER!! Like, $150 flights. It's because you don't have to pay the Mexican travel taxes. I've had friends do it and I've never heard a negative things about it.

    xo, Kelsey



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