Friday, July 22, 2011

lyst on the rooftop

Last night, the PR firm (Bollare) that I'm interning for had an event with Lyst at The London West Hollywood.
It was a great turn out, and I got to help out with the guest list :)
There was champagne & hor d'oeuvres, and guests got to meet the VP of Lyst.
Hillary Petersen, the VP of Global Operations for Lyst 
Me & Brooke manning the guest list!
(images found on Bollare's twitter)
Neesha & Elizabeth
Me. Neesha. Brooke.
What's Lyst you ask??
It's a fashion discovery website...kind of like Twitter but for fashion.
You have your own profile where you can "lyst" fashion items that you want, like, or are inspired by.
People can follow your lysts and you can follow theirs.
It's generated thousands and thousands of dollars for the participating brands
because it makes it easier for people to navigate and discover fashion online.

Check it out:
& my lyst is fairly new, but follow it here


  1. looks like fun! and ANOTHER social media site!? must. resist. list! :]

  2. beautiful photos!!

    would be a pleasure if you visit me too on my blog!

  3. this looks so fun! Im so glad you're enjoying Bollare and Elizabeth!



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