Saturday, October 23, 2010

things are never as bad as they seem

Brooke and I had a pretty rough day yesterday, but luckily we have good friends to help ease the pain.  Retail therapy was definitely put into effect :)  We went to Forever 21with Olivia & Paige, and I got these lovely new heels, new earrings, and new nail polish!  

Next on the agenda was to get ready for Kristen's Last Night in Arizona dinner.  Paige, Brooke, and I were so excited to be invited.  We got there and her amazing home was filled with her best friends, yummy food, and delicious wine.  Even though they didn't know it, Kristen and her best friend Whitney inspired us.  They are such great friends to each other even though they are different, they are both incredibly classy and sophisticated.  On the drive home, we were talking about how we are going to strive to be like them.  They give amazing advice, speak with purpose, and have an amazing support system of great friends and family.  
So thank you, Kristen, for inviting us last night. We felt so privileged to be there with you on your last night in Arizona before going off to Omaha again for law school.  We had an amazing time that I'm having trouble putting into words.  I hope you read this :)

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  1. awww Kelcy, this just made me cry. You are so sweet, I'm so glad you girls came over for my last night. xx



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