Wednesday, October 27, 2010

october festivities!

Me & Brookie as little tykes
Halloween is fast approaching, and we're all working really hard to put together our last minute costumes.  Instead of getting frustrated trying to find drivers for all of the halloween parties this weekend, we decided to just have a Halloween party of our own!

Last year, we had an AMAZING Halloween, so we're hoping for just as good of a weekend this year.  
me, paige, & brookie as ninja turtles :)
Do you all have any ideas for cheap & fun decorations, drinks, and treats for our gathering??


  1. I've never really done much for Halloween! I think the last time I went out for Halloween was when I was in elementary school. I guess it was just never big with my family and friends. Anyway, I'm excited to see everyone's costumes though! Do you know what you're gonna be yet?

  2. i saw your pictures and you change a lot. lol.
    look. when you were a little girl, you're just like calm and cute little girl.
    now you're grow day by day and TARA! your second pic.. you're beautiful and sexy lol
    happy halloween!
    wanna exchange link? or follow each other?
    xo, Lorine

  3. Just stumbled across your blog...
    TMNT costumes??? LOVE it!



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