Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sex & the city

This has been a stressful weekend with school work, real work, & everything in between.  On top of that, I was mad at the boyfriend, so he came over yesterday after he was done with work.  Since he was in the wrong during this argument, I decided that I would make him suffer through watching Sex and the City with me!! <3
He was a pretty good sport about it, but I absolutely enjoyed it.  The movie made me really want to go here:
MEXICO!!! too bad it's so dangerous right now...
and....it reminded me of the sequel when Sarah Jessica Parker wore a plain white dress and spiced it up with absolutely gorgeous gold sequin heels. 

 I definitely need to find a pair of perfect heels like this to add some glitz, fun, and class to any outfit. :)
If you know anywhere that's selling them for not too much $$$, 
comment & let me know!


  1. OMGoodness...this is like my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie! Haha. They're definitely sooo fabulous and I want all of their wardrobes! Making your wrong boyfriend watch this movie with you is pure genius. Hope everything works out much better. :)

  2. Gotta say, i love the movies. I thought the second one was best though - how hilarious in Miranda in that film?!! x

  3. Love Sex and the City... the last movie wasn't as good but I still loved it. I think men actually enjoy chick flicks too... they just pretend they don't!! xo

  4. Payless has shoes sort of like it



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