Tuesday, October 12, 2010

let's go

Ahhh this week is just filled with homework and work! 
Papers, projects, exams....
A week from today I'll be free.  
Three of my classes were only 7-8 weeks long, 
so that means I'll only have three left for the rest of the semester. 
Thank goodness!
That means that I can concentrate my energy on working out, 
laying out (since it is still 95 degrees in Arizona), 
and doing the things that I want to do--not what school makes me do.
I'm about due for another California trip with Brookie and maybe Paige & Olivia!
Whether it's California or somewhere even more exciting, 
I just want to pack my bags and go.


  1. I can't believe it's 95 degrees where you are right now!! What part of California will you be going to (northern or southern)? I lived in both and have some excellent recommendations of MUST-GO places if you'd like! :] let me know!

  2. Probably going to southern California. But yes, I love it there (my brothers live in LA). I would love some recommendations of MUST-GO places!! :) Let me knoww!

  3. I raised the roof when I cam across your blog.

  4. ugh 95% in arizona. I'm so jealous. It's getting all chilly and cold here.

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