Thursday, December 2, 2010

chip to the otle

Brooke is the best sister ever. That's the moral of this story.

So I got called into work this morning,
so I was pretty bummed.
I had planned on going to the pool, or shopping, or really
doing anything but delivering pizzas and pasta
to hungry people on a beautiful 70 degrees Thursday morning.
Luckily, I got cut early because my manager knows I have school later today,
and guess what?? Brooke & Olivia are at home waiting for me!
And...guess what Brookie had for me in the fridge??
A Chipotle bowl for me to eat before my class :)
So sweet.
Best sister ever award goes to Brookie <3
yummy :)
chipotle = love
I reached 50 followers today!!
Thank you so much.
You all are amazing :)


  1. you do have the best sister ever! fajita style vegetarian bowls are my fav :)

    congrats on reaching 50 followers lovely!!1

  2. I knew I had to follow your blog from the minute I read that you loved driving with the windows down and music up-My fave! And congrats on 50 followers, I just got 50 as well! Now I make 51;-)

  3. AND school was cancelled for you!! best day ever??

  4. p.s. so...i have been home sick for the last 5 days and this post inspired me to get some of this yumminess for myself...luckily my husband is a keeper and went and got it for me :)

    oh the places you find inspiration...thanks girl! oh and thank you brooke too!!!!



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