Thursday, December 2, 2010

sparkle time

The word "sparkle" totally reminds me of 13 Going on 30
since that was the name of Jennifer Garner's magazine.
But sparkle also reminds me of the holidays & new years!!
Even though Brooke and I already figured out that our
New Year's Eve is going to be pretty sucky,
we'll still probably celebrate in something that sparkles :)
thank you weheartit <3


  1. I wish I could pull sparkles off they are so cute!

  2. i heart all things that sparkle...i would love to wear something like this on new years!!

  3. i want all of these things. especially those heels! oh my lantaaaa! they are amazing. i feel the thrifting need. i could definitely use some sparkles in my life right now :)

    ps. why is your new years going to be sucky??

  4. omgosh i need every piece of clothing in these pics... like right now hahaha :)

    love, love, love the sparkle!!!

  5. love all things sparkle! I just got a sparkly silver belt from a thrift store for 26 cents!!

    I hope your NYE doesn't actually turn out sucky.

  6. Hi again, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a post. looking forward to your list!

  7. thanks for the comment on my blog lovely!!! you have such a cute one here!!

    allister bee fashion blog



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