Tuesday, December 28, 2010

holiday goodies

Brooke got me the cutest, most thoughtful gifts this year for Christmas.
I didn't expect it from her but she definitely surprised me :)
To make the gifts even better, each wrapped package had a little hint.
I didn't get any of the hints right,
but it definitely made the unwrapping process even more fun.

hint #1:
"for your left hand, but not a ring"
I guessed a bracelet, but it was a beautiful gold watch.

hint #2:
"comfy hipster"
I had no idea, but it was a grey hoodie from American Apparel!
I've been wanting one of my own ever since she got one,
so my wish came true :)
modeling gifts #1 and #2
hint #3:
"clothing and curls icon"
Again, I had no idea, but it was Lauren Conrad'snew book on style!
I am so excited to read it because I LOVE all of her clothes :)
hint #4:
"more useful than lols cats"
Brooke and I love looking at LOLcats.com
or this funnier website....it's dumb, but so funny.
We were both looking for LOLcat-a-day calendars for each other,
but Brookie got me a French phrase-a-day calendar,
which is definitely much more useful since I want to live in France someday.
I loved all of my gifts from Brookie so much.
I definitely need to up my game next year.
I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!!
Now it's almost the new year!


  1. Very beautiful the clock gift.... Greetings.

  2. ooooh!! i love your blog!! it's sooooo cute!! thanks for visiting mine!!!

    allister bee blog

  3. I love the hints! My family usually does poems on our gifts. Happy Holidays!


  4. What a fun girl! Hints make surprises so fun! I love LC's book; my sister got it for me for Christmas. Love everything in it!!

  5. Oh nice! Brooke is such a sweet heart. Happy New Year to you sweetie.

  6. Such a nice sister :) So jealous you got that book I bet it's so amazing!

  7. i absolutely love that watch! its definitely going on my birthday list

  8. The hint idea is genius! Visit Paris in April...ill be there for my birthday! xo Emily Jenny http://stilettobeats.blogspot.com/

  9. This is so cute! I love how she gave you clues. What a nice sister :) Hey, check out my latest post- I gave you a blogger award!



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