Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[day two] tats & needle guns

Day Two. Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.
I have my ears pierced.  I got them done when I was five.  Then I got lazy, and I've had to get them re-pierced twice since I let the holes close up.
I need to get a better collection of earrings.  
I love them, but I'm pretty limited.
My favorites are just pearl earrings.
So classy.

I've always pondered about getting a tattoo,
but the idea of permanence is very scary.
My dad would be so mad if I ever got one!!
But...Brooke's leaving me for study abroad next Fall, 
which will be the longest we've ever been apart (right now it's a week).
We might get our birthday in roman numerals on our wrists to signify our twinnie-ness.
I'm not sure though!
It would still work with jobs because a watch could easily cover it.
What do you think??


  1. ooOooo i likey!!! you look super pretty in that picture, and i really want to do something besides a going away party before i leave. i love it right there, but maybe we could ponder other places? butt cheeks? bottom of feet? we'll figure it out. but it looks nice there <3

  2. I too only have my ears pierced. I too have contemplated a tattoo. However I'm not 100% on what I would like on my body until I die. SO with that said, I will probably never get one. I do like the wrist tat though. I worked with a girl who had one, it rawked.

  3. kelcy!! i figured out how to post comments so now im going to go crazy with posting comments on your blogs now :) but oh piercings i didn't know you got yours done when you were 5! so did i!! another similarity we share lol...anyways you should only get a tattoo if you really really absolutely want it! to me you are such a classy sophisticated young lady that you do not need any ink permanently on your body! but that's just my opinion, its still a cute tattoo idea. i love youuu <33

  4. hello kelcy..i'm lindsay nice to meet you! first off...i love the roman numerals however i am slightly husband and i got the roman numerals for our wedding date on the top of our shoulder. i think it's a timeless piece and simple/classy.

    secondly you are so pretty! such a great picture of you :)

    so happy that i found your little place...excited to read more and more about you :)
    xo lindsay

  5. I love the idea of the roman numerals, especially to signify your "twinnie-ness" :) I got a tattoo a few weeks ago, and it didn't hurt too badly! I mean, it hurt! But it wasn't unbearable. Also, if you get that one- it will only take like 5 minutes.

    I love your blog, and I'm definitely a new follower! :)


  6. I love that tattoo, it definitely looks great and has meaning, which is totally important for a tattoo. Love your blog, and your name - I'm Kelsey too!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!



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