Saturday, November 27, 2010

pilgrims and indians

Probably my favorite quote from this Thanksgiving had to do with the holiday itself.
Me: What's Thanksgiving again? 
I know it's when the pilgrims and indians ate together.
Brooke: It's when the indians said, "yeah, we'll teach you how to fish."
My favorite part about Thanksgiving was the night before.
My dad left Thanksgiving morning for South America with my brother, 
so we had a good-bye dinner at Flavors of India.
I absolutely LOVE indian's right up there next to mexican food.
Check it out:
I wish Thanksgiving was with India Indians so that instead of turkey, we would have rice, aloo mutter, and aloo gobi :)


  1. I've never had Indian food, but I should try it out!

  2. ive had indian food a few times with my friend sarika, and all i remember is SPICY. and also, i think i ate all of the indian bread because it was the only thing that didn't light my mouth on fire. i really need to be more adventurous.

  3. oh my...indian food is my all time favorite. matthew and i eat at a local indian restaurant in town called the oven probably about 2 times a week. the bread is the best and don't even get me started on their sauces :)

    love your pictures and absolutely am in love with your blog. it has such cute style...not to mention i love the dr. seuss quote :) so true.

    have a lovely sunday my dear!


  4. Hola, bello blog, preciosas entradas, te encontré en un blog común, si te gusta la poesía te invito al mio,será un placer, es
    muchas hracias, buena tarde, besos.

  5. I have never been adventurous enough to eat Indian food...I will have to try it one of these days. I hope your family has safe travels!



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