Wednesday, November 17, 2010

live while we're young

School problems, relationship issues, friend fights.
We need to be grateful for these things.

Yeah, we're college students.  
Yes, we're going to have homework & social dilemmas.  
But having homework and a social life is the first sign 
that lets us know that we're all going through 
the most exciting time of our lives.  
Your 20's are for having fun, doing what you want to do, 
exploring the world, and most of all, 
they're not for dwelling on little things that won't matter the next day, 
the next week, and definitely not a year from now.  

Everything seems like such a big deal the day it happens, 
but in a little while, none of that's going to matter.  
Whatever happens to us each day makes us who we are, 
but it definitely doesn't destroy us.  
I want to live my life with no regrets.
I want to have a fulfilled life throughout my 20s and into my 90s.
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