Tuesday, November 16, 2010

literature & life

"For friends... do but look upon good Books:  
they are true friends, that will neither flatter nor dissemble."  
~Francis Bacon

My dad always said that you should never count the pages that you have 
left in a book because finishing a book is like losing a friend.
It's my new goal to start reading more!
I'm guessing that my taste in books is a lot like my taste in music:
So, what are some books that you like or that you're currently reading??
courtesy of weheartit


  1. i'm like that too! i think books are sort of like food.. you need serious ones to keep your mind healthy, but you need treat ones sometimes too! i read a little bit of everything :)

    your dad sounds like one smart guy!

  2. i want to read more too!! i like how blair in gg reads. it's very classy and feminine <3

  3. Very interesting this quotation.

    I think that only we at the end, can judge if it is..a friend.

  4. Currently reading Portia de Rossi's memoir Unbearable Lightness. It is a really personal look into her eating disorder struggles.

  5. I absolutely love to read! It's so true...finishing a book is like losing a friend! Love your blog :)



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