Monday, November 29, 2010

thank youuu

A lovely thank you goes out to Lindsay of Scenic Glory 
for giving me a Stylish Blogger Award!  
If you're not already a follower, please go check out her lovely blog.  
She loves retro and vintage things,
and her blog is super fun to read :)
I did my 7 Stylish things blog a week ago, thanks to Kai!
So if you haven't checked it out yet:
Thanks again Lindsay :) 


  1. haha you found out before i got to tell you :) thanks love ♥

  2. Oh you are just oh so stylish! Everyone thinks so! :) Have I ever told you how I LOVE how your header has a girl with a messy bun....thats totally me

  3. Congrats on the award! And I have MORE good news! You won the Bird in Flight Giveaway on my blog for that adorable necklace! Please email me at itssimplelove(at!)live(dot!)com.




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