Wednesday, November 24, 2010

getting ready for sota

Yesterday was an exciting day.  
After work, Nick came over and we started planning our shopping list.  
I'm going to go meet his family in Minnesota right before Christmas!!  
So, it's a little bit colder there than it is in Arizona--
which means shopping time!!  
We went to Buffalo Exchange, and I got a couple jackets, some long sleeve shirts, and sweaters.  
Then we picked up Brooke from school, got Starbucks Christmas drinks, and we all went to Fashion Square for more shopping.  
I found an amazing fuzzy hat to keep my ears warm in the snow.  
I'll probably get made fun of, but I'm really excited to wear it.  
I wore it all night.  

While Brookie did homework, Nick and I went on a search for s'mores, but no one had marshmellows (since we didn't want to drive all the way to the grocery store haha).  
We came back with wine instead, which was totally fine with me :) 
Little exciting tidbit I learned about myself last night: 
I like pinot noir, so now I like certain kinds of red wines even though I'm a white wine girl.  
Then we went outside to the firepit that Nick bought for El Casa Trio & listened to music and roasted veggie dogs!! So delicious.  
Yesterday was the beginning of the holiday season for me.  
It was chilly, I listened to Christmas music, I roasted things by the fireplace, and made my reservations to spend a few days in the snow!


  1. y'all are too cute. you're becoming more and more bf gf material. i love it.

  2. The photos cannot express of better... good appetite.

  3. I love that tattoo. Ones on the wrist are the best because I think they're personal and small enough. I've never had a tattoo but that's where I would get one!

    And yay for Minnesota! I'm originally from there and I LOVE IT! Be sure to bundle up though! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!



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