Saturday, November 6, 2010

little surprises

Yesterday was fun and full of surprises :)  I slept in til 1pm, which was amazing, but I totally slept through my pool/tanning date with Brookie and Paige.  They got a nice little glow (Brookie's beating me now on our tan-ness), and I got to spend the day with Nick :) 
We watched that movie Seven with Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and Gwyneth Paltrow.  It was so creepy (and kind of gruesome) but really good and thought-provoking.  Then, when it was time for Nick to go to work, I headed back to El Casa Trio.  Brooke & Paige had a little surprise in store for me...and that was going running at Tempe Town Lake since it's absolutely gorgeous outside right now in Arizona.
We actually did a really good job of running it.  It's a lot easier than running in circles like we do at the SRC fields on Workout Wednesdays.  After that, we all freshened up and Paige went to her bf's place for dinner.  Brooke and I did homework and around 11pm Olivia came over to do homework too!  We made us all pasta since we were starving and Livs had another little surprise for us.  She interns for Fall League baseball, and once she was done working the game last night, they gave her a HUGE greek salad from My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  It was delicious :)
After a delicious meal, we all fell fast asleep.
Today is my grandma's birthday party at Olive Garden
& tonight is the Elton John concert with Olivia 
that my mom won tickets to!
We can't wait!


  1. So happy I just found your blog. I LOVE all your quotes on the right side! Seriously!
    "Seven" is awesome, right?!



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