Saturday, November 13, 2010

sandwich wonders

My internship was a lot of fun today!  Arizona State played Stanford, so we were all nervous about what the final score, but we ended up losing by only 4 points, haha.  We're not the best team in the world this year :)

My tasks were more exciting as an intern this game than they usually are.   ISP Sports got Jimmy Johns sandwiches to do a promotion that ended up becoming an eating contest!  It was a contest between three competitive eaters and three Jimmy Johns sandwich makers.  The sandwich makers ended up winning since they made more sandwiches in 5 minutes than the competitive eaters could stuff down their gullets in 5 minutes.  My task before the contest was to meet up with the competitive eaters and the Jimmy Johns PR girl.  Seeing her work definitely made me more interested in PR, and I definitely want to try and get some sort of PR internship this summer in LA.  But, the most fun part was that I got to hang out (a.k.a. make sure they don't run off anywhere) with Joey Chestnut, Eater-X (Tim), and Erik "The Red," all famous competitive eaters!  They were so nice, and I have to admit, I was a little bit star-struck, but I definitely kept my composure.  It was a pleasure "babysitting" them, and it definitely made my long day even better.

The whole ordeal totally reminded me of my Venezia's pizza challenge that I did with my friends over summer :) 
Eater X (a.k.a. Tim)
Erik "The Red"
World Champion:
Joey Chestnut
Marc, Tim, Erik, & Me :)


  1. hotttties <333 especially erik!!

  2. Oh I love Jimmie Johns!
    -a UofA alumni : ) GO CATS! Haha

  3. lucky you! that sounds like so much fun. and now i really want a sandwich, haha :) hope your weekend is awesome!



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